Anxiety Mindfulness Workshop

An invitation to a transformation.


A workshop on mindfulness presented by Glenn Ewin.

Everyday I hear from clients and people I meet, a growing conversation about anxiety. This “fiction of the mind” has  over the last few years permeated all aspects of our society. To understand something means to “transform” it. To understand anxiety you have to understand time and it’s relevance to how we, as humans, think about time.

Once you understand how something works, you can then transform your response to it. That is what the meaning of personal transformation is. It is much less an inner transformation as it is a change in the way you view what happens around you.


Anxious moments occur for many different reasons. They produce “real feelings of physical stress born of something we have imagined that is yet to become a reality.” ( and by the way may never actually occur) In this workshop we explore the concept of what is reality for us and what is perhaps something that has been triggered by past events, a random thought that has the ability to set us up for emotional by play that has no longer any relevance to our current life.


Bio. Glenn has explored the areas of emotions, personal transformation and human behaviour over many years. First as a hairdresser and then more recently as a practitioner of NLP, neuro linguistic programming.  He is passionate about helping people to understand emotions and breaking down the barriers to a happy and peaceful existence.


“It’s all about the journey. The path we walk can be a rocky route full of emotional pitfalls and worry, or it can be a journey of wonder and peace with greater understanding about ourselves and how we meet life’s gifts.”


How do we begin?


To learn about anxiety we must explore the concept of mindfullness, living in the moment and how not doing so creates anxiety. When learn to break down the anxiety producing habits of our thinking, the beauty of life opens up to us all.


Who is this workshop for.

Anyone who is a WORRIER, and finds it hard to relax in life.

Anyone who has experienced huge changes in their lifestlyle such as divorce, becoming a parent or perhaps the death of a loved one.

People or family and friends of those who have benn diagnosed with cancer or any illness that seriously challenges their lifestyle and how they view their future.

VCE and Tertiary students who find that working towards a measured result creates anxiety.


Many of us just experience general  anxiety caused by the constant demands of a much more hectic lifestyle.


Where.               Shop 6 Liverpool Street. Melbourne. 3000.

When.                 Sunday August 30th.

Time.                  10.00 am to 4.00.

Cost.                  $140.00


What to bring.   Comfortable clothes. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements.  Luch can be purchased near the venue or feel free to bring your own.


Outline of the day.

10.0       Registration and refreshments.

10.15    We begin with building an understanding of our programming and how this causes our response to outside events.

11.30       Drink break.

11.45        Workshop.     What is anxiety and how do we transform it into the truth of the present.

1.0              Lunch.

1.50           Workshop.     We explore mindfulness and how to  put it all together with understanding and clarity.

3.35.      Open discussion and drink.


To book a place in this exploration of the mind workshop, call me on 0407 338 846 or email me at  or


Payment can be made by card, eftpos, funds transfer or cash payment on the day.

n.b. A deposit must be made for all bookings at least 1 week prior to workshop.

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