Life is hard.

Life is hard, that’s what I tell my clients. Over and over again. And then I ask them, “so what are you going to do about it.?”

Often they look at me aghast. “Well what can I do?” they will say.

Well it all depends on which side of the equation you are on. Everyone I meet has resilience. Many just don’t know it. The type of mindset that says, “it’s not my fault, it happened to me or I couldn’t do anything about it hasn’t discovered this magical thing called resilience¬†yet. Many people have, AND applied it and are yet still worn down by life.

Getting on the right side of the resilience equation can be hard. But then,¬†so is life. It also provides us with many jewels. It helps to look at what you do have, the simple things. Take a walk in nature; put away the device that keeps you out of reality. Gratitude is the one hidden thing that we can’t access when we are in victim mode. Be grateful for what you have.

When life gets hard look for someone worse off. You don’t have to feel sorry for them, or ashamed that they have less health, money or options in life than yourself. If you asked them how they really felt about their life you may be surprised by their answer.

When life gets hard, do something for someone else. Refocusing your thoughts on helping rather than needing help can bring about a major shift in thinking. When you DO help someone else, do it with gratitude, no expectation. Just the joy of giving!

And if all else fails, there’s some amazing people out there who can teach you to get up again. And again. And again.

And then you learn resilience. (again)

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